Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists


“The best part of taking a nap is that when you wake up, for the first 15 seconds you have no idea where you are. You’re just alive. That’s all you know and it’s bliss. It’s absolute bliss.”  Philip Roth

Drawing – Weight and Volume

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“You can grasp the essential weight of an object even before you become conscious of its form or shape.

Form and weight are dependent upon all 3 dimensions – length, width and thickness.

We may think of form as the three dimensional shape of weight.

In searching for a realization of weight, it is not necessary to think in terms of kilograms or pounds. You can feel the weight through your own sense of energy when you imagine picking the object/model up off the ground or by the amount of energy you expend in lifting it.

In fact, you can think of weight itself as having energy. The weight of a stone presses to the ground. As you attempt to lift the heavy object, its weight resists you.

It is that understanding of its resistance to our energy that gives us a real awareness of weight.” Kimon Nicolaides

These artists focus on weight and volume in their work:

Jenny Saville

Fernando Botero 

Lucian Freud

These drawings were completed in a life drawing class where we focused on weight and volume.

This style of drawing is called “mimetic.”

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This style of drawing is called “dysgraphic.”

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Oh my goodness, I think I overfocused!

Edward A Burke’s site is a great reference for drawing and painting.

One Line Drawings

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These one line drawings are so much fun and they only take a couple of minutes.

The idea is to leave your pencil on the paper at all times roaming in and out of the subject. Don’t stress about being accurate, just let go and describe the different angles and curves in an arbitrary and spontaneous way.  This is somewhat similar to gesture drawing, the only difference being that the drawings are done in one continuous line.

Remember, this is not an outline drawing.  People, pets, plants or furniture all make good scribbly one line drawings.

This type of drawing is great for warming up before drawing from the model.