Courage – Daily Therapy



“We all want to be happy. This feeling is the basic and fundamental sign that we have a potential within us, a richness to be exploited.”  

Oral advice transcribed by Matthieu Ricard



Courage – Daily Therapy

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“Let me fail if I must fail.  The one I am becoming will catch me.”  Baal Shem Tov

Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

“What we adore in the human body is definitely more than its form, however beautiful. It is the flame that illuminates the person from within.”  Auguste Rodin

Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

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“A problem properly defined is half solved.  Understanding what I am asking often reveals much of the answer.”  Unknown

Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

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“Start where you are.  Distant fields always look greener, but opportunity lies right where you are.  Take advantage of every opportunity or service.”  Robert Collier