Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

0711 2015 028

“Sometimes when we don’t like how our lives are looking, we get to decide to take things for what and how they are, right now.  And often, that is exactly what we need.”  Amy B. Scher.


6 thoughts on “Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

  1. We get to choose how we see our circumstances. Each morning we have a choice to make. Will we see the day as something that can be beautiful and exciting, or, will we only look for the negative dark side of things? I am conducting research on the topic of Confidence and would love to have you fill out my survey I have created. If you are interested you can view it here…

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    • Thank you Melanie and I agree, we certainly get to choose how we see our circumstances. However, I believe sometimes we are hampered by subconscious beliefs we do not realize we have and they come into play before we have even realized. I believe the key to standing tall in the world is “belief.” I tried to fill out the survey but for some reason could not type text into the boxes. Thank you for your wise words.

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