Courage – Daily Therapy

Jan 15 065

Feeling timid and reluctant to stick your neck out?

You are not alone.  Would you consider talking out your fears with someone you can trust?

Courage – Daily Therapy


“Let nature teach you the way of courage.  Animals, plants, wild and living things of every stripe and color know the art of taking chances.  Learn from them.”  Linus Mundy

Courage – Everyday Therapy

4.22 The Sun 41cm x 30cm

Are you courageous enough to believe life is safe?

Are you indeed courageous enough to believe flowing with the current of being is the simplest way to live?

Would you dare to believe resistance never really succeeds and trying to control the flow of life is impossible?


Courage – Daily Therapy

3.10 Frank 30cm x 27cm

Courage is not only given  to fierce warriors on battlefields.  Courage is a gift to you, seize it!  Accept that gift!

Using the gift of courage could be taking that first swimming lesson, learning a new language or making your first artwork.

Courage – Daily Therapy

Jose Duff

It seems fear is not erased by courage. More often than not, courage challenges and transcends fear.

Courage can be wearing the stuff you like to wear no matter what everybody thinks or says.  Courage can equal being who you really are….if you allow it!

Courage – Everyday Therapy

Jul 13 074

An everyday virtue like courage does not always mean slaying dragons. Sometimes, you can be magnificently courageous by just getting out of bed in the morning!


Courage – Everyday Therapy

My Identity

Your being courageous can be an inspiration to others, perhaps even the inspiration needed to change lives. We sometimes underestimate the power of our example to others.

Courage – Everyday Therapy

Fat Man

“Without uncertainty and the unknown, life is just the stale repetition of outworn memories.  You become the victim of the past, and your tormentor today is your self left over from yesterday,” Deepak Chopra

Can you practice trust by not needing to know what will pop up next?

Courage – Everyday Therapy for Artists

artist talk saltwater country 003

“Courage means daring to let your true self be known and be vulnerable (seen in all its complexities and contradictions.)  When you dare to let your true self out, you become alive and whole in your own eyes and the eyes of others.”  Unknown

Courage – Everyday Therapy

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“In everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:3 (King James Version)