Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

Experiments 029

“Let little people teach you the way of courage.  They know innately that too much thought can sometimes get in the way.”   Linus Mundy



6 thoughts on “Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

    • Hi Patsy,
      Yes, it is a dilemma trying to sell one’s art online. From what I know, the only way to proceed is to find out as much as you can about online marketing, especially with with regard to social media. Artists are usually great at making art but fall down when it comes to promoting themselves. It also seems a good idea to have a separate web page for selling your work (not a blog) and your blog and social media can direct prospective buyers there. Good Luck!


      • No Patsy, I have not been selling my work recently. I have joined a group of artists from my college days and we are putting up some group exhibitions this year. I really only paint for myself as opposed to trying to sell work. I give a lot of work away actually. 🙂


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