Drawing – Are You Over It?

1412 002

It is only natural to get tired and fatigued when you are drawing, after all, intense observation is hard work!

You could be getting tired of it if you notice:

  • A sudden awareness of time.
  • An awareness of distractions.
  • A tendency to draw from what you know rather than from observation.

If this happens, stop drawing! (at least for the time being anyway.)

The best way to get past this stage is to develop the technique of “focusing”.  This is done by capturing the most interesting part of the subject.  This plan is best selected ahead of time so you can concentrate on those areas before fatigue sets in.

Developing these chosen areas at the expense of others allows you to conserve your energy and time.  Then you can focus on drawing the good stuff that you like.

I focused on the eyes in the drawing above and left the rest a scribble.  Below Egon Schiele takes the topic further by focusing entirely on the hands and face.

14122 015

Will you plan your focus before starting your next drawing?  I don’t know what you think, but to me, there is something really appealing about an unfinished drawing.


3 thoughts on “Drawing – Are You Over It?

  1. Hey! You posted this on my birthday! 😉 I love this post of yours. I have a tendency to sit too long when I get into what I’m drawing or reading, etc. Like for instance, I’ve been blogging too long this morning! The other day I was working on my baby Jesus face much longer than I realized and I could hardly move when I got up! Oops! I’ll keep your advice in mind!


    • Patsy, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Time disappears when we do creative things and that’s probably why it is so relaxing and time disappears. I really like unfinished drawings, they leave a little to the imagination and that then involves the viewer in the mystery. Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones. 🙂


      • I did! I hear you about time disappearing, that’s for sure! I have unfinished things all over the place! I’ve never really thought about them leaving a lot to the imagination, though. That’s a great thought! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too, Christine! 🙂


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