A Few Facts About Acrylics


These are some of the amazing benefits of painting in acrylics:

  • Wonderfully  versatile and a joy to handle
  • Lends itself to a whole range of techniques e.g. delicate washes, glazes, bold thick juicy layers.
  • Quick drying, good covering power.
  • Great brilliance of colour (depending on brand.)
  • Doesn’t fade in the sun.
  • Once dry, the synthetic plastic coating is almost indestructible.
  • Can be used on card, paper, board, canvas and wood, metal glass, fabric provided they are non-greasy and have enough tooth to hold the paint
  • Dissolves in water.
  • Once dry, can be painted over and mistakes corrected.
  • Can be used as an underpainting medium for oils.
  • Can be over painted within 30 minutes of application.
  • Can be used with modelling compounds and texture pastes (gels) to create relief surfaces.
  • Easy to clean up although it is not wise to put left over paint into the sink because it may end up in our waterways.

My next post will show you how to get started with an easy exercise in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.  With all these benefits, why hold back?


7 thoughts on “A Few Facts About Acrylics

    • Yes Patsy, acrylics are so easy to work with and they dry so quickly. I am working in oils at the moment and am getting quite frustrated trying keep my brushes clean so the colors don’t become muddy. Happy painting!


      • Thanks Christine. I worked on my painting for a couple of hours yesterday, but today my shoulder and neck are sore! 🙂 That’s what happens to me if I sit too long. I can’t work on small paintings on an easel. I have to sit with it slanted on my board, but I’m still leaning over! So I’ll have to wait a day or so to get back to it. This painting is going to take a long time because of all the variations of blue in it.
        I use a retarder in my acrylics to help keep them from drying out too quickly. It works really well when I remember to use it! LOL! Happy painting to you, too!


      • Yes Patsy, I have suffered the same fate. It helps to have a break from your work every 45 minutes or so. Also, I do some back and neck exercises every morning to limber up. That helps too! 🙂


      • Patsy, I understand completely. Time disappears when you are making art, and that is not a bad thing..:)


      • It certainly is not! I have to alternate my days between my art and my writing now. So when I spend several hours writing or a couple of hours on art, I feel like I’ve really worked!! 🙂


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