Drawing – Draw your Hand

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Conflict arises when you have to follow what you see when it just doesn’t look right.

Drawing a closed view of your hand facing you creates such conflict.  We automatically know that a hand must have fingers and they are of a certain length but when we try to draw this front on view of a slightly closed hand, we become confused.  It doesn’t match what we know!

To develop as an artist you need to have the courage to stick to what you see rather than how the hand looks.

In this exercise, we are trying to work the conflict of seeing v.s knowing as per my previous post.  Make sure your hand is dead level with your eyes for the greatest conflict.

When you have completed your drawing, study it for a moment.  If your drawing looks a lot like a hand, either you didn’t keep your hand dead level or you didn’t follow your vision. Otherwise, you are an excellent draughtsman,  If the fingers are too long, either you held your hand too tilted, or you were drawing the hand from what you knew and not what you saw.  If this is the case, it would be best to try again.

Give yourself a mark out of 10.  Did you pass?  I was not happy and for my drawing, I generously gave myself a mark of 6/10. This is not an easy exercise so don’t worry if you are not happy with your first attempts.

I would like you to mail your drawings and your marks to christine@zenschool.com.au.  I would love to see them!  At the end of the drawing tutorials you will receive a graduation certificate for work well done.


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