Drawing – Forced Distortion

1908 007

A paradox exists!  Good training in observation can stifle your ability to draw expressively.

The following is a two step process to help you move out of that liberating space.  You are almost guaranteed a striking image if you give this a try.

Here goes:

  • I used a photo to copy from so you will need to find something you like.  Using a bold black marker, map the basic outline of your subject without looking at your drawing.  Keep your eyes on the subject although you may need to glance at your paper a little bit so you don’t lose your place. Try to keep your marker in contact with the paper as much as possible.
  • When you have finished this outline, change to a ball point pen and fill in the shading and details.  You can look back and forward from the photo to your drawing for this stage.

Drawing blindly naturally results in distortion and even with the shading, your drawing will not look like your photo.

Here are some of my attempts:

1908 004

This is my drawing after step 1 with the bold marker.

1908 005

This is how the drawing looked after using the ball point pen for shading.

Following are the steps I used drawing two children from the photo.  The last image has a eucalyptus oil wash over it.

blind contour 001 blind contour 002 blind contour 003 blind contour 004

 At first glance, the figures look almost normal.  If you look at the hands and feet you will see the unusual distortions of drawing blind.

Go ahead, give it a try!  It only takes a few minutes yet the results are great!


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