Drawing – Where to Start

To have a negative attitude towards your drawing is not helpful and you may need to adjust it if you are to proceed as a draughtsman.

With drawing, it is natural for distortions to occur.  You may want to correct these as you go or you may want to leave them.   Distorted objects have their own charm.  Trial and error are essential in drawing.

Leaving restatement marks and drawing the more accurate lines alongside demonstrates that drawing is a vital and changing process.

The benefits of leaving your marks (called “restating”) are threefold.

  • The drawing has energy, it looks more alive.
  • There is no time wasted rubbing out.
  • More time is available to observe the subject.

Your lines show you “feeling out the form”, searching for accurate contours, adjusting and correcting.

Below I show you some follow on steps from my last post.  The original biro drawing was shaded in and I eventually went over it with a wash of Eucalyptus Oil.  This is one of my favourite ways of finishing a drawing.  The drawing looks busy and out of proportion but that is the least of my concerns.  This was an exercise only and by continuously reminding yourself of same, you will be free to experiment, create your own signature style and recognize its power..

1407 001 1407 00314088 001

Remember, awkwardness and distortion carry greater force – justify clumsiness, don’t give a damn for conformity!

Below is a Degas drawing and, if you look carefully, you will see the restatements on the arms and torso.  If Degas could get away with it, why can’t you?

1407 004

Lastly, I will feature some lovely drawings with delightful restatements from the amazing American artist, Kim Froshin. And what a lovely loose and confident style she has!

1407 006 1407 007 1407 008

My upcoming posts will walk you through a series of “learn to draw” tutorials, so watch this space.


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