Drawing – The Beginning – Where to Start?

12 Aug 011

Children make scribble drawings without taking their pencils off the paper. The lines cross over and the children colour in the shapes.  Artists draw things they know without taking their pencil off the paper too.  They usually draw things that appeal to them like landscapes, portraits and still lifes.

This is what you will do in this lesson.

Step 1

Select a subject that appeals to you and make a drawing without taking your pencil off the paper.  It doesn’t matter how many times you go over the subject to get it how you want it   It is best to place your subject in front of you for this exercise and is most important that you do not lift your pencil off the paper.

Step 2

Check out your drawing to see which parts look best.  Draw over the best parts with pen and ink or brush and ink if you prefer.  Remember, the finished drawing will show one heavy line.  Leaving in the pencil lines (called “restatements”) will give the work character and expression.  The drawing above is mine and I have yet to go over it with ink,..not sure if I’ll proceed with this one.  The bottles are falling over!

Here are some examples of one line drawings:

One Line Drawings 001 One Line Drawings 002 One Line Drawings 003

The first drawing is by an unknown artist, the second by Honore Daumier, “A Clown”, and the third drawing is by Margaret Traherne, “Madonna and Child”.


11 thoughts on “Drawing – The Beginning – Where to Start?

  1. Anna, when I was taking art classes, this was the most frustrating exercise for me! But I will try it again soon. I haven’t done it in a long time. But doing it in pencil and then drawing over the best parts in ink is something I have never tried. Thanks for the tip!

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    • Good Luck Glorialana, It is so much fun to draw with one line. Sometimes you may think your work is not so good but when you put it away and look at it the next day you realize it is really very good. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! I will be posting a lot more drawing tips soon. I am at university doing Fine Arts degree and the workload is huge so not posting lately. I think they are trying to kill me! Thank you for your support and encouragement:)


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