Do You Talk Too Much?

Crowded Drawing

Here I present two quotes to set you straight about being humble and not talking yourself up if and when you get adulation.

“Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know.” Laozi

And from Konstantin Stanislavsky:

“Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.”  This is not easy for many artists, especially performers who receive a lot of attention.  When we’re full of ourselves, art cannot flow through us.  Our art becomes rigid, limited  by the boundaries we’ve created for ourselves, or stunted by our feelings and ideas.” 

This is of no concern for me because I don’t get a lot of attention.  However, after reading these two quotes, I have decided to be a little quieter….

Can you think of a person who talked too much and didn’t let anybody else get a word in? And did they know what they were talking about?  Were you feeling anxiously eager to get away from them?  I’d love to read your comments.

2 thoughts on “Do You Talk Too Much?

  1. For years i tried to be quiet thinking that somehow i would be a better person. Not sure no more if that was wise, often one man’s wisdom is another man’s downfall. Quotes do affect us.
    I guess the question is if we feel worthy we usually are maybe less likely to speak where silence speaks loud enough; from our in-confidence we can be a chatty Kathy. I guess being silent is the best policy, but maybe sometimes speaking out of turn provides us with but another example that we have further to go.
    Good post, you got me walking in circles.


    • Thanks for your comment tocksin. I have tried to be quiet also yet sometimes feel I have not contributed anything to the interaction. Could it be that I may be considered boring? (shock, horror!) I think the trick is to be succinct and only say what is important, humble and pertinent, difficult to do! ….still practicing 🙂


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