For Artists: You Can’t Do It

National Day


My quote today is from Picasso:

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

This is the first ever drawing I did in charcoal, I was terrified and surely got in a right mess!  Anyway, I persevered, practiced and eventually, after a few years could do a reasonable charcoal drawing.  One of my favourite lecturers always said, “With drawing, your first three are usually duds!”  Does anyone agree?

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4 thoughts on “For Artists: You Can’t Do It

  1. That is the exact way I go about art. It’s all trial and error, failed attempts and dummy spits, but eventually, it all goes how it is supposed to go – give or take a few mistakes, but they’re necessary.


    • I treat mistakes as something that was meant to happen to take the work in a different and more exciting direction. I am always hoping for mistakes and do not try to cover them up. Yes, you’re right, they are so necessary! 🙂


      • As do I, I welcome mistakes. I used to hate them, being a perfectionist I would redo works that had blemishes on them, now I see them as blessings that are not-so-well disguised.


      • Great! You are moving forward Sian. Sometimes we intuitively know things…congratulations on looking laterally! 🙂


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