Courage -Daily Therapy for Artists

July 6 015


Expectation precludes the opportunity for discovery.  When we try to reach a goal, we become fixated on it and miss the process.”   John Daido Loori



3 thoughts on “Courage -Daily Therapy for Artists

  1. I’ve tried three times to leave a message and wordpress is crazed tonight and ate it up. I’m none of those kinds of people you are looking for advice from. I’m just a poet with a way of looking at the world. I’ve read mosty of the quotes and have thoughts but I can’t rewrite it all again so if it matyters what I might say write me.>KB


    • Hi,
      Here’s a poem for a poet:

      Who calls my poems poetry?
      My poems are not poetry.
      Knowing that they are not poetry,
      Let’s start by talking together about poetry.

      In Zen terms, this is called a Koan. A Koan is a statement, or poem in this case, used to frustrate the intellect. Koans dismantle the customary way of solving problems and open up new dimensions of human consciousness. I will be blogging on this shortly.

      Your comments will be much appreciated.


      • I tried to say more but the system wouldn’t let me. In short we always have one goal in life–to be as possiblly the best human being we can be-though one also must take care of the self in ordewr to be a help to others.>KB


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