Are You on the Lookout for What You Have Never Really Seen? Investigating Rene Magritte

Mar 2013 3 031

One of my favourite artists is Belgian surrealist, Rene Magritte (1898-1967.)

Magritte was a member of the Surrealist movement active in
Europe from the early 1920s.

I am continuously inspired by his challenging works.  He questions what we have been socialized to believe and what we see as reality on a daily basis. When you go about your daily grind, do you really see?  Do you look at details where there are things you have never really seen?  These images challenge the status quo on a visual level.  Sometimes being jolted out of mediocrity is a refreshing reminder of our malaise.

I recently walked past this defibrillator Inside a cupboard on my way to the library and stopped to ponder it.  It suddenly raised many questions.  Had it ever been used?  Why was it placed in a dark corner with a rubbish bin beneath?  Since it was locked with a key, would the sick person be dead before the key man was found?  How long had it been there?  How many people knew how to use it?  Were these people readily available? etc. etc.  These ponderings are common to artists such as Magritte.


Here are some of Rene Margritte’s amazing works and above a piece I was inspired to do from them. These are all the result of stopping to ponder everyday objects, asking yourself questions and recognizing the relationship these have with other disparate objects.

17-Rene-Magritte-Baucis-Landscape-1966 The Pilgrim tumblr_lezicyKSSK1qah3abo1_400

You can read more about Rene Margritte at the Art Story site.



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