No Life Drawing

end March 2013 004

I have a collection of photos for reference when drawing figures at home.  These photos have been gleaned from books over the years.  To my surprise and among them was this photo of a life-size doll.  The subject was strange and unusual so I just had to draw it.

The result was a confusing bit of line and ink work.  I hope you are confused too because if so, I have achieved my goal.

Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

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“An image comes to mind of King Arthur waiting quietly in his boat for the mists to part in Avalon. While others go by chatting, or hurriedly seeking to get somewhere, Arthur waits – and listens – and looks for signs.  It is then that the veils between the worlds part, and the eternal is seen, hidden within the temporal.  It is here that Arthur sees and hears his other side, the side of his true heart speaking.”.  Jeanne Carbonetti